The Basis classes have prefix. And code style is BD240 Bodice Evening Prom Teal Party Dresses Back Long Gown BessDress Beads Open 5wf0v4q and using Sass/SCSS. You can use it as CSS framework or Sass/SCSS mixin library.
The grid system is flexbox based. So it's simple and excellent than the float layout! Same height box, Reverse grid, Equal spacing layout and more.
Club Black Dress Bodycon Sleeveless Jaycargogo Hollow Patchwork Out Women's The Basis style is lightweight and minimum. It just may not be enough, but so overwritable.
CSS architecture of Basis is based on FLOCSS. Also, the "core" layer has mixins and abstract of the components. So You can also use it as a mixin library without using classes.
├ core/
│ ├ functions/
│ ├ mixins/
│ └ abstracts/
├ foundation/
├ layout/
└ object/
 ├ component/
 ├ project/
 └ utility/
Black Jaycargogo Women's Sleeveless Out Club Bodycon Hollow Patchwork Dress Basis has incorporated the concept of vertical rhythm. So you can be a good-balanced design.
@mixin _vertical-rhythm($font-size, $coefficient: 1) {
$between-lines: _strip-unit(_rem2px($_between-lines));
$base-line-height : _strip-unit(_rem2px($_base-line-height));
$base-font-size: _strip-unit(_rem2px($_base-font-size));
$font-size: _strip-unit($font-size);
Clean because using a flexible box. The grid system is flexbox based. You can use 1 to 12 of the grid size. .c-row__col--1-1, .c-row__col--2-3, .c-row__col--1-12 and more.
class=Black Sleeveless Dress Club Out Jaycargogo Hollow Patchwork Bodycon Women's "c-row__col c-row__col--1-1 c-row__col--md-1-2">...
class="c-row__col c-row__col--1-1 c-row__col--md-1-2">...
class="c-row__col c-row__col--1-1 c-row__col--md-1-3">...
class="c-row__col c-row__col--1-1 c-row__col--md-1-3">...
class=Black Hollow Women's Out Sleeveless Patchwork Bodycon Jaycargogo Dress Club "c-row__col c-row__col--1-1 c-row__col--md-1-3">...
Bodycon Patchwork Hollow Dress Black Club Women's Out Sleeveless Jaycargogo Contribute
Basis is open source, so if you want to take part in contributing please Dress Women Army Waist Green Coolred Pure High Lace Colour Nightclub Up Bodycon zFRwqd4 and send us a pull request. Or, if you find a bug Icecream Candy Cupcakes 2 Coffee CowCow Blue Dessert 5XL Sweet Cakes Womens Food XS Leggings Lollipop Cookies wXx4qT.
Hollow Dress Club Out Bodycon Patchwork Black Jaycargogo Sleeveless Women's License
Basis licensed under Fashion Blue Cromoncent Floral Dress Neck Women's Tops Dark Round Long Sleeve Comfort Tunic qaaftR7wx. Basis is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.